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Some Examples:

  • 2014: The Year of Li...

    I realize it's a tad early for the obligatory end-of-the-year prognostication piece in which marketers and advertisers alike provide their fearless forecasts Read more...
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  • 2014: The Year of Li...

    I realize it's a tad early for the obligatory end-of-the-year prognostication piece in which marketers and advertisers alike provide their fearless forecasts for the coming year. Well, truth be told, this is not one of those articles but rather an observation of something I just came across. For the record, I do plan on producing the aforementioned end-of-the-year prognostication piece at what I think is the appropiare time: sometime in mid-December. And while I won't give away the details, I will tell you the article will come with a twist, and will leave it at that. Ok, so why I do refer to 2014 as potentially being the year of living socially? First off, the title of my article is a paraphrasing of the title of the 1982 film The Year of Living Dangerously, starring Mel Gibson. In the movie, Gibson plays a young reporter who is trying to navigate the political turmoil of Indonesia. (Thank you, IMDB). Based on what I read, it appears the number of marketers who will be trying to navigate not the turmoil, but perhaps the terrain that is marketing and advertising, will be at an all time high when it comes to their use of social media. The "what" I am referring to is a recent eMarketer report, “Social Media Advertising: Seven Read more >>
  • Self-Serve Customers

    Once upon a time, pulling into a gas station meant that a uniformed attendant would dash out to pump your gas, wash your windows, and give a quick check under the hood. After your tank was full and payment rendered, a wave and smile sent you away. In the 1970′s, things changed. Self-service stations started appearing across the country. Maybe it was the gas shortage that created long lines and short tempers that made station owners reconsider the full service approach. Maybe it was the realization that less service meant more profits. Whatever started the trend, it was the beginning of our self-serve customer society. The pioneers of this movement knew that their customers would rebel if they were required to go cold turkey from full to self-service. Their solution was to provide both options with a self-serve discount to encourage people to make the shift. They also provided lessons on how to use the equipment until their customers were comfortable with the process. The full service option slowly faded into history with only a few stations left offering it. Now, forty years later, self-serve is the norm across industries Not only have people accepted it, they prefer it. According to a survey of 75,000 Read more >>
  • Hashtags Have Helped...

    Hashtags have been around for some time now, and you’ve probably used them a few times to hook up to the thought of the moment or find content related to a certain topic. According to a recent study by RadiumOne over 70% of users on social media sites use hashtags in their posts. More and more companies are using hashtags to unify their promotions across social media, increase the discoverability of their content and stimulate user engagement. Here are six businesses and events that have used hashtags to join popular streams of conversation that were relevant to their goals, which helped them expand their social reach and acquire new followers. The following campaigns were hits for generating conversation, engaging users and increasing brand awareness. Let’s see why they worked so well: Photo Credit: Ken Varnum (Flickr) 1. Brisk Iced Tea: #briskpic In celebration of the South by Southwest events, Pepsico’s Brisk Ice Tea created an Instagram campaign where users were encouraged to tag their photos with the hashtag #briskpic for a chance to have their photo featured on one of the 4,000 limited edition Brisk Ice Tea cans. This campaign was successful because of its fundamental approach: people simply needed to take a picture and get the chance to win the next Read more >>
  • 5 Tips for Sharing Y...

    If content is king, then social media is queen. And let's just say the king doesn't get much done without the queen's nod of approval. The same principle applies to your business blog. You need great content to capture attention and interest, but you need great promotion to get people to consume your content in the first place. This blog post offers some quick tips for sharing your blog posts on social networks to get more traffic, more leads, and more customers via your website. 1. Create custom headlines and copy for your social media shares. The copywriting doesn't end after you publish your blog posts. You should craft custom announcements and headlines for each social network and each share. For example, if you're sharing your new blog post on Twitter, don't use the same copy/text when you share on Google Plus. Take time thinking about your audience on each network and your format. Again, Twitter and Google Plus are very different types of social networks with different text restrictions and different "sharing norms" at play. Be strategic with every share but more importantly, put thought into each social post. 2. Share each post multiple times. Simply announcing your new blog posts on Twitter Read more >>

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Official Website: wpindeed.com

The easiest way to display tour posts based on your imaginations

Popular Custom Random Listing Posts is a very powerful plugin/widget for WordPress which displays your posts and pages with or without thumbnails based on popularity for each post/page (visitors or visits), your custom settings or a random listing. It’s the perfect solution for any kind of website, eCommerce or simple blogs and it comes with full customization options.

What is P&C&R Listing Posts for WordPress?

Popular&Custom&Random Listing Posts for WordPress is a great little plugin that gives you the ability to display your content the way you really want. The plugin has a large array of features that gives you full control over what and how should be displayed in your WordPress website. You can choose to display every combination of Title, Content, Excerpt, Thumbnail. Personalize every aspect of the way the content is being displayed, starting with the entire box, down to every single link. Unlike most of the similar widgets out there, PCR Listing Posts allows you to select the order in which the posts will be displayed based on number of comments, title and date, or you can leave it to random ordering.

One of the most important feature is the “Popular” section where you can decide if you want to display the posts or pages based on the number of visits or visitors. The plugin tracks all your posts and pages and keeps your visitors or visits. Your Top of Posts can be created based on a specific period of time or dynamically on the last Week, Month or Year.

Another important feature is that now you can decide where the widget can be visible or not. From the entire list of Post, Pages and Categories you will select by yourself where should not be saw the widget from the sidebar.

You can see more on Plugin Website Page: http://wpindeed.com

In the Future…

The great thing about this plugin is that it’s derived from need and future changes will be made based on that. The more people will use this plugin the more feedback we are likely to receive and the best suggestions for improvement will be added in the next versions.


If you want to use this plugin, all you need to do is install WordPress 3.5+, and install the plugin.

List of Features

  • Post and Pages included
  • Popular Posts
  • Visitors Tracking
  • Visits Tracking
  • Custom Display Section
  • ShortCode Generator
  • PHPCode Generator
  • Visibility Settings
  • Items Pagination
  • “Current Category” selection
  • Custom Selections of Categories, Posts
  • Custom exclude specific Posts and Pages
  • Pick from a specific time interval or period of time
  • Custom Selections of Categories, Posts
  • Custom exclude specific Posts and Pages
  • Helpful Description
  • Multi Language
  • Widget Box Options
  • Widget Box Title
  • Filter Content
  • Ordering Content
  • Number of Posts to display
  • Select from one or all categories
  • Filter by Comments
  • Filter by default
  • Filter by Title
  • Filter by Date
  • Order Ascendent/Descendent
  • Enable Random display Posts
  • Display or not Post Title
  • PermaLink on Post Title
  • Number of characters of title
  • Full Content Display
  • PermaLink on full content
  • Part of Content Display
  • Number of words to display
  • PermaLink on part of content
  • Activate “Read More” Link
  • Label “Read More” Link
  • Disable display content
  • Drop HTML
  • Content display mode
  • Display Thumbnails
  • Thumbnail width option
  • Thumbnail height option
  • Permalink on Thumbnail
  • Default Thumbnail
  • Custom Default Thumbnail
  • Hide Widget from Sidebar