Mobile Is The New Black

Are you reading this on your mobile device? The probability is likely, considering there are currently 6 billion (and growing!) active mobile devices in the world, and companies continue to tailor their marketing to the small screen of your iPhone. The simple concept of e-mail marketing is old school; connecting via mobile and through social media is the new way to reach your consumers and get results.

But who’s surprised? This is the most direct and immediate form of communication and the attachment we have to our smartphones is getting serious. These devices will always outnumber e-mail accounts for communication, convenience, and versatility. Even if your consumers prefer e-mails from their favorite brands, which is likely as marketing schemes are tiptoeing into still stigma-ed SMS marketing, this medium should be mobile-friendly and social media outlets should be at the forefront of your platform. If not, you could be losing current and potential customers. Looks like it’s time to adapt. Here are a few commonly overlooked points:

Resize your Facebook posts

If the majority of your likes are coming from users on mobile (this number can be found with Facebook Insights), make your photos fit perfectly on a mobile screen. A photo post should be sized no more than 620 pixels wide by 412 pixels high.

Consider utilizing Facebook’s unique option to pin certain posts to the top of your Facebook page. When users view your page from their mobile device, not all of your posts show. Only a select few posts are displayed; be sure viewers don’t go elsewhere by pinning an eye catching photo to the top of the page.

Also, keep the photo captions to less than 100 characters. Mobile users don’t want to scroll through a novel. Odds are if they are on their phone, they are out and about. Who has time to read a novel while they’re out with friends? Save the novels for a blog post.

Choose Facebook Ads wisely

Facebook Ads can add interested eyes to your Facebook page, but they also have their downsides – Sidebar Ads don’t show up on your followers’ mobile news feed. Make sure you implement the ones that do, like Page Post Ads and Sponsored Stories, or your money will be wasted. If your Facebook Insights says mobile users are in abundance, this becomes even more crucial. People spend more time on Facebook than any other US mobile platform; it’s worth it to invest.

Make it visual

Obvious? Maybe. But did you know 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual? So it makes sense that photo updates are liked 2 times more than text updates. Even so, many brands still rely too much on text and not enough on photos and graphics in their posts. Keeping visuals as the focus is sure to drive more engagement. Your followers will be sure to slow down their scroll if you catch their eye with a brightly colored promotion or a striking model strutting your merch.

Turn up the content

Your brand’s posts should be of the moment and frequent; it’s one of the best ways to inspire sales. Feature campaigns and the latest news as often as possible to keep your followers in the know, so they feel like they’re getting exclusive access for being a fan. Post content daily to stay at the top of your followers’ news feeds and at the forefront of their minds – whether it’s a promotion, funny meme, or article about your industry, there’s always something to share.

Get smart about couponing

Did you know 48% of the time that consumers spend on ecommerce sites is spend on mobile devices? Offering web-based coupons and promotion codes is a great step towards gaining those leads; who doesn’t love a deal?

But are you ensuring that they are easily accessible? A lightweight action like becoming a fan should be the only requirement, that fan will now be able to know about future deals and can turn into a regular customer. Don’t forget to size the promo photo for mobiles! (See #1) Also, make sure your deal is also redeemable in person.

Take advantage of Twitter

Utilize Twitter’s new rich picture posting option (60% of Tweeters are mobile only!). Once again, humans are visual creatures; image tweets receive 91% more retweets and favorites. The now always-visible visuals provide a new way for brands connect to followers, so get creative.

Don’t forget about adding those complementary hashtags to give your images a voice to call for action, and asking for a RT, not a “retweet.” You’ll get more of them and look tech-savvy.

Upload to Instagram

If you aren’t already, Instagram photos and promos with a flattering filter. Instagram is one of the leading photo sharing apps and is exclusively mobile! Give followers a backstage pass to photo shoots, a sneak peek at next season’s merchandise, or recap your latest events. Utilize Instagram’s unique and engaging video capability to strike even more engagement. Learn more about the positive effects it can have on your business here.

Utilize Email Marketing

R.I.P. Email Marketing? Think again! Email marketing has been reborn again thanks to M-commerce, or mobile commerce. With 45% of decision makers reading their email from their mobile, putting together an email campaign, or altering an existing email campaign for mobile users will have a positive boost on sales.

Is your business in the apparel, accessories, computer hardware, video game or event ticket industry? Buckle up, because these spheres of business are top ranking in M-commerce purchases.

Every business owner knows the most important thing about business retention and growth –satisfy the needs and wants of the customer. One thing customers want is easily accessible information, so get rid of overlarge or too tiny graphics and skewed, wonky text, meaningless ads, and un-engaging posts and tweets that frustrate so many consumers enough to have them give up on your feeds. Do your followers and your business a favor – mobilize with impact.