5 Amazing Twitter Chats Worth Tweeting About

Twitter is a great source for locating influential people and conversations relating to numerous industries and ideas (with an average of 5,000 to 10,000 new people joining Twitter each day, you can be certain someone is tweeting about your industry).  A great way to locate brand relevant conversations while learning new skills and meeting like-minded users is joining one of the hundreds of Twitter chats.

Twitter chats are organized conversations via Twitter that revolve around a particular topic, and are usually led by an industry thought leader and/or brand within that topic’s niche. They are typically organized by a unique chat hashtag and are held during a specific time period, often weekly.

We’ve created a list of super helpful and informative Twitter Chats for those in the marketing industry – perfect for those small business owners and marketers looking to brush up on their social media marketing skills.

Here are our 5 Twitter Chats worth tweeting about:

1. #BlogChat

#BlogChat is held by social media expert Mack Collier, and takes place every Sunday night at 9pm EDT. This chat covers a variety of different general blog topics, and at an average of 800-1,000 weekly participants, it’s the most popular chat on Twitter today.

2. #MMchat

#MMchat is held every Monday night at 8pm EST and is hosted by marketing specialist Jeff Ashcroft. #MMchat stays fresh by featuring of variety of influential guest hosts each week, and focuses on all things marketing and social media.

3. #SocialChat

Hosted on 9pm EST Monday nights, #SocialChat is the go to Twitter Chat for all things social media. Upcoming topics include, “Ultimate Guide To Social Tools” and “Managing Your Social Community,” so take a look at their calendar and join the #SocialChat discussion this week!

4. #SMmeasure

This chat is perfect for any marketers or small businesses interested in learning more specific details about social media measurement and analytics, and how this knowledge can enable you to create a more successful social media marketing strategy. #SMmeasure takes place every Thursday afternoon at 12pm EST.

5. #BrandChat

#BrandChat takes place every Wednesday at 10am CT and focuses on, that’s right, all things branding. This chat is a great resource for any company seeking additional resources or inspiration to strengthen their brand identity and message.

For a more extensive list of Twitter chats specifically geared towards marketers and small businesses interested in polishing their social media skills, check out this huge list of Twitter Chats.

Have you participated in a Twitter chat? What are some of your favorite chats that we didn’t mention? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!